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Greetings and welcome to the Absentee ToolKit iPhone/iPodTouch support page.

Call in sick to work, Play hooky from school, or avoid that family gathering with some help from the Absentee ToolKit!

Not only can you play 20 realistic sounding 'sick sounds', but you can prepare your peers ahead of your illness by using the timed release mode while at work or school.


Timed Release, plays an assortment of sick sounds randomly over time so that people nearby will hear your sniffles, coughs and sneezes and actually hope that you call in sick the next day so that you won't spread the illness to them. An external speaker is helpful in this mode.

Additionally, the app also provides an assortment of random excuses to use when the sick day does come.

You can choose from excuses suitable for calling in sick to work, explaining absences at school, or for use in getting out of those annoying family gatherings.

Requires OS version 2.2 and works on both the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The timed release mode has many user configurable settings to tailor your 'sick-prep' to your desires. Gender specific sounds can be set in the Settings Application. All user settings are saved between uses.

If you enable the speakerphone option on the phone you can play the sounds over the telephone during a call. iPod music is NOT muted by these sounds, but mixes with them should you want musical accompaniment with your sneezes, coughs, and sniffles (though there is no ability yet to adjust the sick sounds to be louder than your music).



If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or problems with the game please email us at .


Many more iPhone/iPodTouch apps are planned to become available in the near future and we welcome constructive comments and suggestions on how we can improve.

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