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Greetings and welcome to the Ducky Puddle iPhone/iPodTouch game page.

The purpose of the game is to provide a few minutes of enjoyable entertainment for a younger child in order for the parent to perform some purposeful task while the child is otherwise distracted. This game is NOT designed to be mentally stimulating for those of us into or past the schooling years.

The idea is to feed the yellow rubber ducky by tilting the device so he swims downstream and collides with pieces of bread and other food items. As the ducky hits the food he grows larger, and a calorie counter in the lower right of the display increments.

If the ducky collides with a frog, he loses the weight gained by eating the food (becomes smaller) and then more food is deposited in the puddle.

If the ducky collides with the orange peel, which he does not like eating, calorie points will be deducted and a big goofy ducky will appear on screen for a moment.

After the ducky has attained 19 calorie points a button will appear that when tapped will display another layer of the Ducky Puddle game which is much the same as the original level (different food, etc).

In order to run the Ducky Puddle game you must have version 2.2 or newer of the operating system installed on the iPhone or iPodTouch.

You can find it in the Apple iTunes App Store by following this link:



There is provisions for the user to set the starting size of the duck, the speed the duck floats in the puddle, and whether the sounds are played or not. Just hit the 'I' button on the lower right when the game is started to set these, or use the Settings application.



If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or problems with the game please email us at . We also have a Ducky Puddle Support Page.


NOTE: Version 1.1 released 4/23/09
This update fixes various bugs, including the screen darkening after 5 minutes of play (tap the screen to fix in the meantime).
Improved ducky motion and ability to set the angle the device is held for proper play action.
Thanks for your interest and patience as we improve the Ducky Puddle!



Many more iPhone/iPodTouch games are planned to become available in the near future and we welcome constructive comments and suggestions on how we can improve.

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