Any still image or video that can be imported to your Camera Roll can be exported via iENG. Most images can be transcoded as desired.

The video transcode options for media coming from the Camera Roll are slightly different than those available when exporting directly from the image capture mode. The video transcode setting is made on the Camera Roll Chooser page.

If you plan to export a still image to either Facebook or Twitter, you will want to make sure you have set your desired Facebook-Twitter still image export size setting on the 'Settings' page.


Use this button to select a STILL image from your camera roll.

The images are displayed with the last added image at the top, along with it's file size and creation date.

Select a desired image by tapping on it and you will be presented with the Media Export page, where you can setup the distribution of your image.


Use this button to select a VIDEO from your camera roll.

As with still images, the videos are displayed on the listing with the most recent addition to the camera roll at the top. The creation date and file size is also shown.

Tap on the desired video and you will be presented with the video trimming-transcoding page.

You can trim the start and stop points of the image while previewing it on the trimming-transcoding page. When you are happy with your results, hit the USE button and then your media will be transcoded. Once the transcoding has completed, you will be shown the Media Export page where you can setup the distribution of your video.