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Welcome to the Lighted Mirror iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android product page.


Lighted vanity makeup mirror replaces the mirror in your purse.

Use the front facing camera and backlight of your phone to keep you looking great, day or night.

You can zoom in or out and set office or sunlight lighting color.

NO advertising, NO gimmicks, it just does the lighted mirror function as you would expect.

REQUIRES a front facing camera and IOS5 or Android 2.3 ( 'Gingerbread').



If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or problems with the game please email us at .


The iPhone4 display showing a zoomed out image using the 'warmer' natural sunlight mode.

Here is an iPhone4 display showing the office (flourescent) light mode with a zoomed in view. Perfect for catching a wayward eyelash!

The iPad2, with its additional screen size has a larger view and a different control arrangement.

Android devices have a different control layout and do not have a brightness slider (the device is 'full bright' whenever this app is in view).

This view shows an Android device in the natural 'sunlight' light mode and with a mostly zoomed in view.

The amount of zoom available will vary with device and the app senses what amount of zoom is supported. If zooming is not supported on your device, the zoom slider will be ineffective.


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