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Many more Apple IOS and Android games and utilities planned to become available in the near future and we welcome constructive comments and suggestions on how we can improve.

Mobile device apps:  


Enjoy the power of a virtual periscope in your phone or tablet!

BeyondCam uses the GPS, Compass, camera and the internet connection to the Apple Maps to provide you with an aerial overview of what is beyond the view that you can see from the ground. You can zoom in for detailed street level views or out to about 150 miles. Both regular map and satellite images are avaialable. Points of interest markers can be placed on the map as desired

BeyondCam is available in the App Store

Tower ID

Quickly identify the owner of a particular tower site and eliminate any confusion or doubt.

Tower ID uses your location to inquire of the US FCC Antenna Site Registration database to produce a map of nearby communications antenna towers. Manual location entry is also provided for pre-site-visit planning. ASR details available just by tapping. USA towers/sites registered with the US FCC only.

Tower ID for IOS is available in the App Store
Tower ID for Android is available in Google Play


Professional television and print journalists can unleash the full potential of the iphone or iPad camera with iENG.

Capture HD video/audio/stills and transcode as desired for FTP or email back to the newsroom. External preview monitoring possible as well as more control over how your media is exported. Social integration included.

iENG is available in the App Store.

Air Camera

Enjoy the video (and audio) from your iPhone or iPad on a big external screen with Air Camera.

Wirelessly connects to Apple TV devices (version 2 or newer), or uses the wired Apple Digital adaptor, VGA or AV cable.

Air Camera is available in the App Store.

Self Post

You've got something to say and you need to say it NOW!

Record a short video or send still images quickly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and email wherever and whenever you need. Uses front or back camera and even provides lighting for when the mood strikes and the only place to record is a dark closet. Makes a great lighted vanity mirror too!

Self Post is available in the App Store.

Ducky Maker

Quack Quack!

Make your own virtual rubber ducky with Ducky Maker! Fun for all, but especially for those amongst us who are quacked up. Drag virtual ducky parts onto ducky images, images from the camera roll, or even snap your own right from the app. Share on Facebook/Twitter/Email or print them out!

Ducky Maker is available in the App Store. (iPad only)

Ducky Match

Exercise your mind by matching the ducky pairs with this fun ducky game!

Up to five game boards, each with unique ducky pairs that you need to uncover in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest clicks.

Ducky Match is available in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Android Market.

Lighted Mirror

Keep yourself looking at your best, day and night, with this virtual compact vanity mirror.

Use the front facing camera on your phone or pad, along with virtual lights shining from the front of the device to provide the lighting. Zoom available on devices that support that mode.

Available in Google Play and the Amazon Android Market (see Self Post app for IOS devices)


Ham Radio enthusiasts can keep track of each other via their IOS devices and the APRS geolocation network. iAPRS uses the devices GPS and location services to post your movements online to the APRS network via the servers of the system.

iAPRS is available in the App Store.

Ducky Clock

The Rubber Ducky Clock brightens everyones day while it helps teach little kids how to count and tell time at the same time! Once a minute another ducky animates onto the screen. At the top of the hour the clock quacks out the hours just as a grandfather clock might (sounds can be disabled if desired). An ideal app for your pad or phone while charging at home in the ducky lovers room.

Ducky Clock is available in the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Android Market.

Ducky Puddle

A free game to entertain those who are not quite of school age, or people who like to act that way.

This is part of our series of ducky apps for the ducky generation.

Ducky Puddle is available in the App Store.

Absentee ToolKit

A free utility to assist those wishing to take an unapproved day off or to avoid a family gathering.

Absentee ToolKit is available in the App Store.


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