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Please Note:

Due to complaints about the horriffic nature of our old website, we had to remove the virtual tour of our home. We do expect to have a more filtered version online soon.

Welcome to the home for abandoned shopping carts, we sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.

Please pardon our appearance as we are amidst an epidemic of abandoned carts.

Abandoning a shopping cart is a cruel thing to do, yet many don't realize the long term harm done to the cart when it is left, partially full, all alone and without guidance in the aisle of a store.

Abandoned carts can be dangerous when they are without the guiding hand of a human operator. Many carts have been known to start moving on their own, with damaging consequences for whatever is in their path.

If you should see an abandoned cart, please do the humane thing and guide it to a place where it can be amongst brethren.


If You Would Like To Donate

For those kind souls who recognize the terror of this epidemic and are willing to assist in our efforts financially or otherwise, please send donations to:

Home For Abandoned Shopping Carts, Inc
5375 West Beeman Road
Empire,  Michigan  USA  49630

You can email us at hfasc@legitimate.org

The Home for Abandoned Shopping Carts is thankful to the Get Odd Company for being a leading sponsor of our cause.