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Get Odd is a "mom and pop" type business and not involved in the high-stakes gambling world (ahem-- you know what I mean). We do not adhere to "normal business hours" and that usually means late nights and long days.... never early mornings.

Empire Michigan is a rural area about 25 miles west of Traverse City.  Any Michigander would, at this point, lift up his left hand and point to the pinky-- the way we explain locations in Michigans lower peninsula to outsiders. Empire is on the shore of Lake Michigan and underneath snow clouds for the entire winter. 

Winter up here is any month not officially called summer (and even then there are exceptions). The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is nearby as are the Manitou islands, Glen Lake, and a plethora of fine places to visit in Leelanau and Benzie counties. It is a heavenly place to live and the quality of life is very high-- though we have a hazing every year that is called winter. 200 inches of snow is not all that unusual.

For those who may find themselves in the area, you should make a point of visiting the Pegtown Station Pizza-Cafe in downtown Maple City.  When there, ask for Matt and tell him you want to Get Odd-- not even.  He may want to show you his stool sample, but you will certainly find the visit enjoyable.

Thanks for visiting the website and, double thanks if you plan to spend some money here.

John Martin





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