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y2k vw bugVolkswagen Trademarks "Y2K Bug"

Volkswagen  announced this week that it has registered a trademark for the term " Y2K Bug". VW will use the term for their 2000 Model Beetle. They have already filed suit on TV Anchor Men Tom Brokenjaw and Dan Blather and have gotten a restraining order preventing them from using the term Y2K Bug for anything other than the 2000 New Beetle.

In similar news, Microsoft has trademarked the term " Illegal Operation" while the USAF has announced that they've Killed the Year 2000 "hard shelled insect " in all of their mission critical computer equipment  Staff

childproof PCS phonePCS Phones Recalled

By order of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, all Nokia and Ericksen sub-miniature wireless PCS telephones are being recalled because they pose a choking hazard to infants and young children. MORE...

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October 15, 1999 issue

Los Angeles trafficNational Traffic Festival
November 8 - 15

The Los Angeles city council  has declared the week of November 8th 15th as National Traffic week and will host the first National Traffic Festival. 

The Council figures that all the small cities around the country like Ames Iowa (the Corn Festival) , Traverse City, Michigan (The National Cherry Festival ) and Eagle, Idaho (the Rocky Mountain Oyster festival ) and others,  were getting way too much attention for their little festivals.  " In Los Angels, we are known world wide for our traffic. Why not celebrate it" said Joe Jerkier, councilman from the rampart area of LA  " We plan lots of events that should generate even more traffic, which is our claim to fame." Said Jerkier. 

 Some of the events planned are the Road Rage Target shooting contest, the drive-by concert on the freeway, and  the sure to be popular "bumper tag".  - Staff

Fox to use "Ball Cam"Fox Ball Cam

The 1999 World Series broadcast on FOX Sports will sport a yet unseen perspective on the game--- Ball Cam! MORE...

Al Gore and FOBAl Gore switching parties?

Nashville, TN  -  Al Gore , Vice President and presidential candidate is thinking about going with another party.   An unidentified insider from the Gore campaign said " Mr. Gore is thinking about going with the FOB party because he has nothing else in common with fellow democrats."   The FOB or Friends of Bill party seem to be the only ones that will give him money so he figures the best way to go about it is to change over to the FOB. Staff 




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