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b2 stealth bomberB2 Stealth Bomber on public display

The USAF top secret B2 "Stealth" bomber has been added to the modern military aircraft display at the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum near Dayton Ohio. More...

filled poolChild Drowning Solution Found

With the warmer temperatures of summer comes the start of the child drowning season. For years property owners have searched in vain for a way to prevent small children from drowning in swimming pools.

filled poolThe European Pool Safety Organization (EPSO) has released a standard technique that likely will bring an end to children drowning in pools. The method involves the movement of a sufficient amount of aggregate into the pool enclosure so that all the water is displaced. Once this is done, plants can be placed in the aggregate to make the former pool pleasing to the eye.

For those interested in applying this life saving technique to their pool, most localities have excavating companies that can perform the technique for a reasonable price.

wild gooseNational Wild Goose Chase June 10

The sixtieth annual Wild Goose Chase commences at dawn on June 10 on the grounds of the White House, just beyond the rose garden.

The chase pits an equal number of Democrat and Republican Senators (usually 10 from each party) in a race to see who can capture Millie, the wild goose.

The party that catches Millie the goose gains in pecking order. Folklore has that the losing party is riddled with scandal for six weeks, while the winning party is law-exempt for a year.

This is the first year that the event has not been under a media blackout, with live coverage carried by Fox News Channel. For many in government, the spectacle of a group of "distinguished" senators groping for a goose on the White House lawn was inconceivable. With the current, more relaxed, mores, officials have lifted the media ban and decided to cash in on the advertising potential that such an event might generate.

June 1, 2000 issue

brown pineEndangered Brown Pine making comeback

After years of decline, the north American brown pine is finally no longer in danger of extinction.

Credit for saving the species lies with six states that have enacted laws prohibiting the killing of the tree, once thought of as unsightly. Similar laws protecting the trees will become effective this summer in twelve additional states.

For hundreds of years, farmers and homeowners have been mercilessly killing the brown pine (and it's cousins the brown spruce and bronze hemlock). The unusual brown coloring of these trees is due to a lack of chlorophyll and the absence of water.

Horticulturists have historically misunderstood the life cycle of these trees and thought they were dead. Current scientific theory cannot explain the trees metabolism, but proof of their existence is plentiful, however they manage to exist.

brown spruceBefore reaching maturity, the brown pine may bear green needles resembling red or white pine trees.  On reaching maturity, the tree transforms from green to brown and then usually stands for from two to four growing seasons before shedding its needles and attaining a horizontal stature.

Anyone desiring to move a brown pine (or its cousin plants) is urged to contact their county extension office to obtain the appropriate permits. Failure to properly treat the brown pine can result in severe criminal punishment.

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