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Chinese enter Cola War!

With the introduction of Sino-Cola to the marketplace, the Cola Wars heats up even more.

billboard "Going head to head against Coke and Pepsi is a formidable challenge" says Bill Neumann of the Carbonated Drink Association.  But, Sino-Cola is entering the scene poised to give Coca-Cola a very hard time. 

"This stuff tastes just like Coke"  adds Neumann "I don't know how they did that!".

popSet to arrive in stores during August, Sino-Cola will be launching an aggressive advertising campaign aimed at Generation X and younger.  Numerous sponsorship arrangements have been made with a heavy emphasis on both TV and radio talk shows, along with such media staples as the Teletubbys. 

Reportedly, popular British singer Opera-Spice has signed on to be the primary spokesperson for their ads.

"These guys are scary", comments Jim Cox, a beverage distributor in Florida, "They seem to have deep pockets and can buy their way onto any shelf they want".


Sino-Cola was formed in March by Chinese entrepreneur Yuang Chu and while based in Manchuria, is currently building bottling facilities throughout the US and Canada.  Sino-Cola trades on the Peking market as "SOCA".

Yuang Chu is also known for his recent launch in Europe of the Kuang Foo Chicken fast food restaurant chain, specializing in fried chicken prepared using special spices and herbs.




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