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Lexus Motors
named in PETI lawsuitfly with broken legs

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Insects (PETI) have filed suit in US district court against automaker Lexus Motors for their alleged abuse of a flying insect in recent television ads. MORE...

Free Web Access

Timed Life of NY is jumping into the FREE-ISP business with their WEB-CLUB product.

This new service will provide free web and email access throughout the US.
 In exchange for the free access, users must listen to the Timed Life "AM GOLD" music series, delivered via streaming ReelAudio when online. 

Timed Life has partnered with WorldWide Socks in this venture and users will receive a new selection every month. Users of the service will be under no obligation to purchase anything, but the socks will be shipped so that it is most inconvenient and annoying to send them back. --Staff

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August 15, 1999 issue

MSTNC logoTragedy Network Channel Debuts!

After much criticism of their coverage of the Kennedy Tragedy , MSNBC announced today they are starting MSTNC  which will provide 24 hour coverage of the less important people's tragedies. 

A spokesman for MSNBC said " We are doing this because we know the public is glued to these things."  He also added " The reason for the lesser known people being covered is so that we can again cover the well known people on our MSNBC and NBC networks without being told that we wouldn't do this for the little guy."  Things that will be covered will be heart attacks, drowning, small aircraft wrecks , and lost pets.   Fox networks also are said to have plans for a similar network but nobody from fox would return our calls.  –Staff

Air Force F15V hop-jetAir Force unveils new F15V "Hop-jet"

In an unexpected announcement today, the US Air Force displayed their new vertical-takeoff fighter jet.  The new F-15V can takeoff and land without needing a runway, much like the British Harrier jets, but this model is Y2K compliant.

This announcement comes days before the Chinese Air Force is scheduled to announce a nearly identical aircraft at the annual International Military Convention and Show. Reportedly, the Chinese jet will cost only $15,000 as compared to the $45 million for the US F-15V.

American Standard to change

Pleasant Bathroom SceneUbiquitous lavatory manufacturer American Standard will soon be known as Metric Standard now that European ceramics manufacturer Euro has acquired the company.

Bill Meyers, spokesman for the company reports that for most people the new standard will not be a problem.  He adds that they are adding a series of adapter seats and wax seals that will make converting from American to Metric standard easier for homeowners and plumbers alike.  The initials of the company founder (CSA) will remain on the new metric models, as a tribute to the porcelain bowl design.




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