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Police Crackdown on Do Not Pass violators!

In a move sure to cause panic, the American Society of Uniformed Traffic Police Officers (ASUTPO) has recommended strict enforcement of DO NOT PASS signage.

Citing the dramatic rise in traffic problems, the ASUTPO has recommended that all of it's 5,000 member agencies nationwide begin enforcing the signs starting this September.

In a recent poll, the ASUTPO concluded that few drivers paid any attention at all to the signs, most driving right by them without even the slightest hesitation.

Surprisingly, most driving schools skip over the rules pertaining to the Do Not Pass signs, or they teach an improper interpretation of them (having to do with passing other vehicles) that stemmed from an error in the 1956 NY Drviers manual.

All drivers should be aware that passing a Do Not Pass sign usually carries the same penalty as running a stop sign. When you come across a Do Not Pass sign, you are to stop your vehicle and not pass the sign.

GetOdd Automatic Routing Service

We realize that it is nearly impossible to go from "point A" to "point B" without illegally passing a Do Not Pass sign. Through special arrangement, GetOdd can assist those searching for a legal route to their destination. Simply enter in your present location and where you wish to go, hit the SUBMIT button and our computer will send you a map and directions on how to legally get there without illegally passing any Do Not Pass signs.



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