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Cloud ID program begins Photo of tagged clouds

NASA has started it's highly touted cloud tagging program in an effort to identify, count and track all clouds in the earth's atmosphere.  Tagging will provide data needed to learn more about the breeding habits and migration patterns so as to help NOAA forecast weather better. MORE...

WBEG Radio format successful

WBEG-FM98 Billboard
WBEG radio ("Beg-98 FM" ) of North East, RI proves the 24 hour fund raising format is viable and is about to sweep the country! MORE...

Awards Show Awards Date setMGM Grand in Vegas

Las Vegas, NV:

The date has been set for the First Awards Show Awards Show.  The owners of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas have announced  January 30th , 2000 for their one of a kind award show.  It will be a grand extravaganza of stars and awardees. 

The show will give out awards such as the best supporting cast member for a dance number preformed at an awards show  and the best presenter at a music awards show.  The show will last 4 hours with special musical guests such as Rush, Sheryl Crow and The Black Crows. 

Co-hosts will be Woopie Goldburg and Tom Hanks. Hanks is also nominated for " Best acceptance speech at a past awards show ". 

Networks are scrambling the coverage of this event so watch your local listings for time and channel.   –Staff

September 1, 1999 issue

Metric Analog clock Metric Time
sooner than you think!

The National Bureau of Standards will soon commence a media campaign to introduce the US to the international Metric time standard. Long touted as the solution to the problem of time shortages, Metric time has been slow to take hold in the US and parts of Europe. MORE...

The VBrun300 raceMS
VB Run 300
Sep 25

This years MS VBRun300 marathon is slated for September 25 worldwide.   Originally planned to foster goodwill and sportsmanship amongst computer users, the Vbrun300 has grown into a major annual event providing enhanced PC functions for participants.  MORE...

Inmates Released for Y2K!

Jackson, MI:

For 476 inmates of the Michigan State Correctional facility in Jackson MI the Y2K problem is no problem! 

This past week, 90 day release notices were sent to all inmates of the maximum security prison as it was not certified Y2K compliant. 

Judge Richard Miller ruled that the inmates be released and the prison closed because testing of the facility showed that non-Y2K reinforcing rods were used in pouring the buildings concrete pillars back in 1956. 

Michigan Attorney General S Corpe is livid but cites that under Michigan law, prisons cannot close without first discharging all their inmates.  "State law is the law here" Corpe adds, "we must discharge them all".

With the forthcoming discharges, Jackson realtors are bracing for a booming winter housing market and retailers are stocking up on supplies in the otherwise sleepy community.




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