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NASA Begins Cloud ID program

Photo of tagged clouds

The cloud tags will be visible from the ground as small red objects floating with their cloud .

The special dart used to attach the tag to the cloud.
(Martine Marieta photo)

Cocoa Beach, Florida

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Has started it's highly touted cloud tagging program.

The program is an effort to identify, count and track clouds in the earth's atmosphere. 

Tagging will provide data needed to learn more about the breeding habits and migration patterns so as to help NOAA forecast weather better.

NASA pilots will shoot darts into the clouds that will render the cloud stationary and attach a specially numbered tag on it with a radio beacon. 

Once tagged, Irridium-2 satellites will track the clouds and relay the data to the NOAA research center in Athens GA.

The tagging of the entire population of clouds will take  3 to 6 years according to one NASA staff member.   –Staff




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