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ALL Begging Radio format successful

WBEG-FM98 Billboard

"PBS and NPR showed that begging works, we proved that people actually enjoy it! -- and enjoy answering pledge phones too!" 
-- McGreaham

Back East, RI

WBEG radio ("Beg-98 FM" ) celebrates one year in it's revolutionary new format.

Station manager Joe McGreaham said  "The new ALL fund raising all the time format has really worked for our station". 

"In the 12 months since starting this format we have collected $750,000 in donations and another  $204,000 in pledges" McGreaham went on to say.

Although the station initially received a handful of complaints from listeners to their former classic rock format, community response overall has been extremely good and people love to be on the radio as volunteers and help raise funds. 

McGreaham says that the new format is here to stay and plans are underway  to expand into at least ten other cities soon (WBEG is a JayCorp group station). 

If you would like to contribute to BEG-98-FM  or become a station volunteer, please call 1-888-SEND-BUX and have your credit card ready. –Staff




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