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Fox Sports to use Ball Cam during '99 World Series!

Sample video from Ball Cam

Watching the game from the balls point of view is what viewers of this years baseball World Series will be able to experience.

Cutting edge technology and rudimentary physics makes it possible for the Fox Sports Network to place a tiny camera inside a regulation baseball and allow fans to see the balls perspective of a game.

"This will give our viewers a gut wrenching view of the game" stated J. Wally Rhine, VP of engineering for Fox.  "The images are not for the faint of heart", he adds.

Viewers  will not only experience the visual perspective from the ball, but those with HDTV and the Fox-Sensuround system, will be able to appreciate the slam of the bat in ways they have never before.

Ball Cam is part of a network wide project to create a more compelling broadcast and to take advantage of many features of the new HDTV format.




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