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California Power Crisis Information Page

Stay abreast of the ongoing electrical energy crisis in California via this web page. As news related to this ongoing calamity unfurls, check here for the full coverage.

Government Policy Responsible
Our reporter uncovers the government policies that were responsible for the current power crisis, and how it will soon spread to the rest of the country.

Piezo Power Delays Exacerbate Power Crisis
Delays and poor power output of the statewide Piezo Power generating facility cause a shortfall in available power.

Maverick Survivalist Profits from California Energy Crisis
Home grown power turns into big money for rural eccentrics with private generators.

Duracell & Ray-O-Vac to build battery distribution centers in CA.

The California Experience (simulated on the internet).

Californians to bathe weekly-- conserving water and power...


California Blackout Survival Kit

Be prepared for the rolling blackouts with this special survival kit.

Contains the essentials you will need when the electricity goes off.  Includes a flashlight, batteries, drinking water, matches and candles. 
CLICK HERE for more info.

california electric power crisis
Commemorate the dawn of the new, agrarian, error with a CALIFORNIA POWER CRISIS  tee shirt, sweat shirt or coffee mug!
CLICK HERE for details



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