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Things to note:

Amazing as it may seem, if you apply an external power source to the cold fusion containment vessel you will disrupt the process and end the fusion process.

Beware that you add cold liquid water in small amounts, a large amount of water (or UN-chilled) will delay the fusion process.

Cold Fusion is Real!

Unlimited free power is now a reality thanks to the Ice-Power Company of Virginia.

Thanks to recent advances in the crackdown on energy broker antitrust relationships, Ice-Power is able to release to the public this revolutionary new technology.

The secret to cold fusion is to start with properly chilled water based crystals as fuel. Proper care of cf fuel is important as you do not want the cold fusion process to start while the fuel crystals are not in the desired fusion containment vessel. Transport the cf fuel to the containment vessel in a dry, chilled container

A common household glass makes an ideal containment vessel for cold fusion.  A clear glass cup is preferred over a glazed ceramic mug, or those made of Styrofoam or plastic, but any of these would function.

Gently place a dozen or so crystals of the cf fuel into the containment vessel.  Place (either by spray or a gentle pouring action) a few ounces of chilled liquid water in the containment vessel.

After a few minutes, you should note that the cold fusion process has started in the containment vessel.  This process will continue, WITHOUT EXTERNAL POWER BEING APPLIED, for hours.

cd fuel in a pitcherReadily available fuel

Fuel crystals for cold fusion are readily available and cheap. Most appliance manufacturers have incorporated cf fuel dispensers in the freezer section of common household refrigerators. A pitcher of cf fuel crystals takes only minutes to create, yet provides hours of cold fusion!




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