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Groundhog day or Ground Hog day?

ground hog making apparatus
ground hog meat is delicious
groundhog being ground

Some people ascribe the second day of February as a celebration of the furry creature that burrows in the ground and pokes his head up to check for a shadow, but they miss the true meaning of the day.

ground hogThe second of February is more important as a celebration of the sausage-- or the ground hog.

In the mid 1800's when the International Hog Grinders Guild was still around, they promoted the day in order to increase sales of the popular food.

groundhog or woodchuckSadly, the translation picked up in the Americas was incorrect, and by 1886 people in the US (particularly those living in and around Punxsutawney, PA) began celebrating the furry woodchuck on that day.

If not for the pork blight of 1890, the IHGG would have surely set the wayward Americans straight, but the organization disbanded rather quickly to avoid legal ramifications of the tainted sausage products that had been sold in Europe at the time.

So, for those who desire to remember the real reason to celebrate on February second, grab hold of a good pork sausage and have a fine meal! 

Forget about the woodchuck-- even if you love his smile and his name is Phil.

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Ground Hog Day!

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