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PCS Phones Recalled

Authorities have witnessed infants sucking on the small antenna-- a precursor to ingestion.

Safety retrofitted PCS phone

By order of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, all Nokia and Ericksen sub-miniature wireless PCS telephones are being recalled because they are a choking hazard to infants and young children.

The commission cited the phones as dangerous to infants and children after it had been reported that infants could suck and chew on the units antenna. 

No deaths or injuries have been reported yet, but regulators fear that sucking on the antenna is a precursor to ingestion of the entire unit.

Both Nokia and Ericksen will retrofit the telephones (for a nominal fee) with a special Urea-foam child proof covering that will prevent the phones from being ingested and at the same time apply a bad smelling coating to deter children.

The foam coating will add approximately three inches to the telephones width, and four inches in height while not adding appreciable weight.

Regretfully, after the retrofit, battery changing will no longer be a user-serviceable item and will require the unit be returned to a service depot.... a small price to pay for infant safety.

Affected phone owners will receive a telephone call this week instructing them where to take their phones for the required retrofit.

Related News....

McDonalds is to discontinue the Big Mac sandwich due to complaints that sesame seeds could fall off the bun and lodge in a childs ear, causing hearing loss.

T he State of Texas is studying the cost to replace all concrete state roads with padded asphalt after complaints that infants and teens, when thrown from a moving vehicle, might be injured when they hit the roadway.

Ginsu, Inc. is discontinuing production of kitchen knives as they have been shown to be capable of cutting flesh.




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