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US Government Discards all Microsoft products!

government desktop

The new look coming to all US government computers.

"All those with government contracts may have to discard all Microsoft product within 90 days if the law is strictly interpreted"

A typical US military jet that would have to be discarded if Microsoft buys out the military suppliers.

"Arrangements have been made for an Asian based military force to step in should our present military be unable to function"

Because of an anti-trust law enacted in the mid 1800's,  the US government will soon be discarding all Microsoft products from all government facilities.

In what may seem to most to be a drastic move, the law prohibiting the government from doing business with, or utilizing the products of known monopolies was an integral part of anti-trust law for the past century.

Judicial scholars are investigating whether the wording (CFR 47-102a.45) of the law also applies to all US government contractors, subcontractors and affiliates.  Should it apply to subcontractors, they too will have to remove any Microsoft products from their systems within 90 days. A ruling is expected to be made on this before the end of December. .

A spokesman for Microsoft only commented "no comment" when asked what the companys reaction to this latest turn of events would be. Reportedly the software giant is negotiating to purchase Boenig, Lockheed-Martin, Grumman, Hughes and McDonald Douglas aircraft companies in retaliation. This move may have long reaching implications for the military, as the companies comprise 90% of the "US military-industrial complex"..

On hearing the of the rumored purchases by Microsoft, Presidential advisor John Chung reported that the Clinton administration has made arrangements with an unnamed Asian country willing to step in with military force should the US military be weakened by the lack of arms.

In related news...
Red Hat software has had a 5000% stock gain in the past three hours alone.




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