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Top Secret B2 Bomber now on public display

b2 stealth bomber

The B2 "Stealth" bomber, the aircraft that the USAF still considers a dark secret, is now on public display at the USAF Museum at the Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio.

"We are very excited to have a B2 here" says Col Jim Taylor. "The public reaction has been tremendous, though a few don't seem to see what all the excitement is about".

Closeup view of the B2, note the treatment of the engine exhaust ports.

The B2 dwarfs the neighboring A-10 "Wharthog".

With the arrival of the B2 "Hangar Queen" (tail number 86) the museum has a full compliment of current warplanes in use. The plane became available after components to repair the airships navigation system were no longer available from the North Korean supplier and import restrictions prohibited their procurement from another source.

Since the arrival of the B2, traffic at the museum has increased, as has use of the new international terminal at the nearby Dayton Airpark.

    "We are glad that the WPAFB has contributed so much for international tourism in Ohio" said Bill Collier, president of the Miami Valley Tourism Association. "With the B2 display and the YF-22 'hands-on' exhibit, tourism has surpassed all records, even the record levels resulting from the 'ABC's of nukes' display that opened in 1997".

Also new at the museum is a display of the new Air Force Recycling Unit (AFRU-2). This special vehicle will bring the USAF into Energy Star compliance by providing a ready means for recycling at air bases.

The AFRU-2 not only has bins for common glas, metal and paper recyclables, but has a special trailer unit with bins for the recycling of both nuclear and non-nuclear waste, land mines, plastic and other recyclable ordinance. There is even a special section on the unit that contains supplies for the prairie dog units used to maintain the fields at most air bases.




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