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Windows Unstable in Zero Gravity!


Sometimes they would stick in an "out of plumb" condition

NASA has recently made public the results of a test of how the Windows operating systems perform when used in the zero gravity of space, and the results are not inspiring.

The tests were conducted during the course of the last three Space Shuttle missions and included Win95/8 and NT.  With each mission, an IBM ToughtPad computer was brought aboard and used throughout the mission for non-critical purposes in addition to tests to determine whether Windows can perform reliably in space.

Initially, astronauts reported that everything was going great.  They had the fastest Internet connectivity they have ever seen (note: it helps when you've got the MCI satellite in the cargo bay and connected via fast ethernet).

Sadly, after a couple of hours of use, most of the windows would not stay open.  Sometimes they would stick in an "out of plumb" condition while at other times they would apparently spin out of control on the screen.

In conclusion, NASA is returning to the tested and proven CPM-86 operating system for all future missions, and will begin testing of BeOS with next years missions.

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GetOdd Windows in Orbit Simulators!

Thanks to NASA, we are able to provide simulators of how Windows performed in two of the three missions (the third is still classified).
Simulator #1 - Internet Browsing and Desktop Irrregularities
Simulator #2 -Internet Browsing




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