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Easy profit from gun buy-back programs!


Colte 25gx
Built specifically for buy-backs

With purchasers expecting $40 profit per gun, dealers have been swamped with orders

Now that the US government has budgeted $15 million to fund gun buy-back programs nationwide, the Colte Firearm companys new commemorative handgun is bound to make some extra cash for many.

The new Colte model 25gx .25 caliber pistol sells for only $59.95 and is intended to fulfill the increasing demand for guns to turn in to government buy-back programs.

Municipal gun buy-back programs generally pay upwards of $100 per gun.  With an expected $40 profit per gun, dealers have been swamped with orders for the new 25gx pistol.  Gary Ackman of Western Hunters Supply in Des Plaines, IA describes the situation as "totally nuts".  Ackman adds that "there's a longer wait to get the guns from the factory than there is for the federal 'cooling off' period".

Government reaction to the new pistol is mostly positive. "With unemployment high amongst inner city youth, this is a great way for them to earn money" commented Congressman Dale Bunkers (D) of Massachusetts. Many in Washington are curiously watching and it is expected that more money will be earmarked for the buy-back programs if it is successful in enlivening the entrepreneurial spirit amongst underprivileged youth.

Colte spokesman Bill Hobbs credits recent advances in firearm grade plastics with his companys ability to produce such an inexpensive handgun. "Demand for non-metallic weaponry has spurred dramatic changes in the firearm industry" says Hobbs.  He adds "thanks to our R&D, we now can manufacture firearms almost entirely out of recycled automobile tires".

Other firearms manufacturers are expected to follow suit and produce similar low cost pistols for the buy-back programs.  Colte has a second model in development that is expected to retail for $29 (some assembly required) and should be available this winter.

For more information, visit your local firearms dealer.




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