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Metric Time coming to the US!

metric analog clock

"We have until 2002 to convert to the new metric time standard -- after which conversion to the metric calendar will begin"

The National Bureau of Standards will soon commence an extensive media campaign to introduce the international Metric time standard to the US.

Long touted as the solution to the problem of time shortages, Metric time has been slow to take hold in the US and most parts of Europe.

Part of the Consolidated Metric System, the new time format divides the day into 10 divisible units, each divisible by 10 and so on.

The new format will make time calculations much easier to perform and eliminate the errors often made when converting from minutes to hours and hours to days.

Metric time uses the familiar names of hours and minutes, but bases them on 10 rather than 12 or 60.

By international agreement (UN resolution 86-3004a) all member countries are to be converted over to the new time standard by 2002, so that the ten year conversion to the new international Metric calendar standard can commence.

Conversion to the Metric calendar will complete the 60 year international conversion to the unified metric system.




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