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Klez Worm Exposed!

After months of stealthily infesting computers the KlezWorm (sometimes known as Klez32, KlezW32 or just plain Klez) has been successfully removed and photographed in captivity.

DO NOT ATTEMPT REMOVAL BY YOURSELF.   Only specialists trained in the removal of viral worms should attempt to remove and photograph a Klez Worm.   Failure to properly extract the Klez, or by using improperly adjusted KlezWorm removal tools, will cause Klez syrum to spray into the air and infect the entire room.   There is no known cure for humans who contract the Klez virus.

Below are photos taken from a Klez Worm that was extracted in Michigan during the summer of 2002.  

Due to the graphic nature of these photographs, parental guidance is recommended.


KlezWorm tee shirts, coffee mugs, hats, bags and even a Klez Thong are now available.

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Note the innocent looking facial expression, this is often used to lure unsuspecting data into the spell that the KlezWorm places on items that come too close.


In this photo, Klez is chewing on a small byte of data that it found while searching for memory.  Note the expression of satisfaction.


Klez Worms are notorious for infesting computer hard drives, memory banks, and power supplies.  NEVER open a power supply without wearing protective gear that is rated BioHazard-3 or better-- unless you wish to risk being bitten by Klez, and having to be rushed to the hospital (or the morgue).


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