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OddSpace Locator -- Home : OddNews 7-15-99 : NPS

National Forests to be clear-cut


"Without the trees, visitor safety and overall park enjoyment increases dramatically"

Before: Obstructed viewing, dangerous obstacles, hidden dangers abound!


After: Clear view for miles, easy hiking, no surprises.


A recent report issued by the NPS details the dramatic success that the "Clear the forest of the trees" campaign has had in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

In 1977 under direction of National Parks Service Associate Director Dr. Hubert Mino, the implementation of a new approach to land management, as proposed by Professor W. (Lee) Haas of Berkeley was tested in the US west.

Haas theorized that most visitors to national parks were limited in fully enjoying their experience because they could not see the forest due to all the trees blocking the view.

Surveys of  park visitors by the NPS concurred with the Haas theory, and the new stategy began a three state 20 year test.arizona

The NPS will be implementing this new stategy nationwide over the next twenty years.

The clearing will proceed on a state by state basis and at a rate set so as not to drive the lumber market into oversupply.

Revenues from the sale of the tree stock will go to funding the erection of thousands of 50' high lexan towers and the annual distribution of 5 billion tons of French fries.  These transparent towers will provide replacement nesting locations for the various creatures that had used the trees for habitat, while the French fries will provide food for the animals that fed on the trees.




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