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MS VB Run 300               September 25

The VBrun300 race

"Participants are given a special file (vbrun300.dll) which unlocks extra features in many applications."

Portland, OR:

This years MS VBRun300 marathon is slated to commence worldwide on September 25.  

Originally planned to foster goodwill and sportsmanship amongst computer users, the Vbrun300 has grown into a major annual event with local marathons in over 360 countries.

Demand for the popular race has peaked in recent years as more and more PC applications have been written that exclude non-participants.

Software vendors are strongly encouraged to provide enhanced benefits to Vbrun300 participants, as part of the MS logo certification program.

Since the original event, numerous software vendors have created programs requiring the special certificate (vbrun300.dll)

All who enter the Vbrun300 are given a  special dll certificate that unlocks special PC software as an incentive for running in the event.

Signup sheets for your local Vbrun300 are available at all CommUSA  and Waldmark superstores.

Participation in the event is free, but you must bring a fresh apple to donate to the "Apples are for food" drive the day of the race. More information on the Vbrun300 is available. –staff




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