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Bondai Blue Translucent VW Bug!

The Millennium Yme Bug

by Pat Hogue

In what industry analysts laud as pure genius, VW joins the long list of manufacturers packaging their wares in translucent blue to emulate the popular Apple I-Mac computer.

The millennium bug will be available in all its current standard colors, but a limited number of models will be available with option package Yme which otherwise is known as the "Bondai Blue Translucent" body.

More than just a flashy paint job, the Yme version Bug is a radical departure from the sheet metal used by its competitors. In order to provide translucency, VW has created the body entirely out of FQBH plastics, known for it's lo-impact resistance and pleasant fragrance.

Reportedly, only 5,000 specially equipped Yme Bugs will be built in 2000.  Plans are underway to make the other I-Mac colors available as Bugs by 2001.

VW expects that dealers should have Yme Bugs for display starting in September.




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