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OddSpace Locator -- HOME : ODD News : Pyramid Construction Revealed

Great Pyramid Construction Method Revealed!

The bag found near the Great Pyramid clearly shows advanced packaging techniques.

When mixed with a blend of ammonia, water and uric acid the powder forms crystalline bonds and hardens into stones.

Alfonse Murghatti at play

The pyramid entrance near where the bag was found.

Alfonse Murghatti was just another playful ten year old until October 20th when he solved the age old question of how Egypts great pyramids were constructed.

While waiting in line with his parents to tour the Great Pyramid of Giza, Alfonse started digging in the sand just south of where the people were lining up for the pyramid tour.

After just a few minutes of digging, Alfonse unearthed a light colored paper bag that was soon to turn Egyptology on it's side.

Were it not for the watchful eye of an Egyptian tour guide, the important discovery would have ended up in the Giza municipal outdoor long term storage facility (nicknamed "the dump" by locals).

Alfonse, thinking the bag was trash, was attempting to stuff it into the trash receptacle at the pyramid entrance when the guide stopped to assist.

Tests conducted at the Cairo Antiquities Lab confirmed that the bag was between 5000 and 7000 years old, but the real discovery was the properties of the powder that was inside!

The powder, when mixed with a special blend of ammonia, water and uric acid would form crystalline bonds and harden into stones resembling those used to build the great pyramid.

Apparently, the pyramids were cast on site by builders who were able to cast rock much the way we presently cast concrete.

Alfred Rankin of the Center for Ancient Facts exclaimed "Finally it all makes sense". "What was previously  thought to be the remains of Cannabis use by the slaves is really the empty hemp bags used to transport the stone powder."  Rankin adds that "it is an amazingly efficient process-- whereas the slave places the powder in the form and then deposits the liquid on the powder by using the natural human liquid recycling process-- nothing is wasted".

In related news, the Portland Cement Company has announced plans to market this new construction material under the trade name of "Giza-Crete".  The new castable stone will be available in stores as soon as the inventor of the mix  is identified for patent purposes. Estimates are that this could be a lengthy process (nobody has come forward so far).




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