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Welcome to the Self Post iPhone/iPod/iPad product page.

Self Post provides a quick and easy way to create short video or still image posts of yourself to Facebook, Youtube (video only), Twitter (still image only), and email. You can also save to the devices 'camera roll' for more permanent storage.

When the front camera is selected, Self Post provides 'virtual lights' that are bright enough to allow you to create your posts even in complete darkness.


The back camera on the device is also available. When selected, on devices with a 'torch/flash', you can enable the light in order to capture what's going on nearby even in the dark.


In still image mode, Self Post provides a zoom control to allow you to zoom into items of interest, This can be helpful if you have something in your eye or wish to check on your teeth, whether or not you wish to post such images online.


REQUIRES a front facing camera and IOS5.

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The iPhone4 display showing a zoomed out still image.

The zoom and 'virtual light' brightness controls are on the bottom.

You can take still images and record videos in either landscape or portrait mode.

The user interface for recording will remain in the same position in either orientation.

If you select an orientation that is not acceptable (like upside down) the screen will show an alert that the orientation is not supported.


At the top of the screen is:

  • The camera shutter.
  • The timed-shutter button (gives you three seconds to get your hands out of the way of the camera in certain positions).
  • The front vs back camera selection switch.
  • The still image vs video (video and sound) selection switch.
  • The 'repost' button that allows you to repost the last images taken with Self Post. (note-- this button goes away when the virtual lights are turned up full).


After taking taking a photo or completing the recording of your video you are presented with the post selection page.

This screen, will change with the orientation of the device, portrait orientation is shown here.

On the upper left is a preview image of the media you just created. If you created a video, the 'play' 'pause' 'stop' buttons under the image would light up as appropriate and allow you to playback a preview of the video.

On the upper right of the page (lower right in landscape mode) are the icons to depict the status of your internet connection at that moment. There is an indicator to indicate whether a Wifi or Cellular Data network is currently in use. When you are connected via Wifi, the indictor will be GREEN and show a 'wifi icon'. When you are connected via the cellular data network the indicator will be BLUE and the icon will show a 'radio tower'. If you have no data connectivity, the indicator will turn RED.

Below the network presence indicator is an icon of a globe, which signifies that the 'internet connection test host' was accessible or not. GREEN indicates the host was accessible via Wifi, Blue via the cellular network, and RED indicates that the test host was NOT AVAILABLE. The test host defaults to '' but can be changed on the settings page.

Above the social media post buttons you will see a button to access the settings page, and when in still-image-mode, a button for the 'anonymiser mode' page.

The social media post buttons have a status indicator in the lower right of the buttons to indicate whether your post has successfully been created. This indicator will turn YELLOW when you start a post and GREEN when it has completed. With posts to email and Youtube, it will turn GREEN as soon as the email system in the device has accepted your post for sending, but prior to actually sending the message (normal email sent indications will be provided).

If a particular mode of posting is not available in the mode selected (video or still-image) the post button will be greyed out.

At the bottom left of the page is the button to take you back to the camera mode to create more post images.

The settings page is available in both portrait or landscape mode.

All changes on this page are processed immediately with the exception of the Internet connection test host, which will not change until the app is restarted.

All of the default entries can be overridden for individual posts, default entries are provided so that posts can be made rapidly without having to retype the same or similar information all the time.

Please note: if you post your first post to FACEBOOK and modify your post message, that changed message text will be carried over to the other services for that particular video or image.

On the lower left is a file cleanup button which will delete the local storage of your current video and still-image post on the device. This will NOT erase any posts you saved to the camera roll, just the posts you created last for each mode (video or still).

Each post you create overwrites the previous, and due to size constraints on the device, the operating system may delete your last post once Self Post is closed if it needs to free up space for other uses.

There is a handy weblink (in yellow) on the page to bring you here.

When you have the back facing camera selected the 'virtual lights' are turned off and you can take a widescreen still-image photo. Videos, regardless of camera, are always 4:3 aspect ratio.

On the upper left is the button to force ON the 'torch' (camera light) on your device if so equipped.


The 'Anonymiser Mode' page allows you to use automatic face detection to detect upright, fully facing the camera, human faces that are in your still image photo.

You can select from three handy modes, as seen by the buttons to the right of the preview screen.

When you find an overlay that is suitable you can hit SAVE and then post that image, or you can hit the red CANCEL button to cancel any overlays.

The blue RESET button removes any unsaved overlay if you wish to try one of the other overlays on your image.

The face detection will detect multiple faces in the image.

The still image zoom feature can be handy if you find the need to 'get up close'.

On the iPhone/iPod devices, if you are holding the device in portrait-orientation you will find that the viewing screen shrinks a bit to accommodate the size of still image that would be captured if you were to snap a photo.

If you were just using Self Post to check your makeup at the time, this may be an annoying reduction in the viewed image size.

Double tap the shrunken viewing pane and it will expand to the normal size for the remainder of the time you have the device in portrait-orientation during that viewing.


Please also note: Self Post is designed for simple, and quick uploading of visual content to social media sites via whatever means is possible at the time. Because of the limitations of the wireless services, or the availability of such, Self Post is setup to provide highly compressed video (with sound) and still images of 'moderate' size. Self Post is NOT meant to be a means to post high quality fine artwork or HD videos. The larger file sizes of such would seriously limit the usefulness of Self Post in many environments.

While Self Post does not limit the duration of the videos produced by the app, it is recommended that videos of under five minutes duration be created for best results. Videos longer than five minutes may be rejected by email service providers, and other online entities.

The videos produced by Self Post are compressed using the h.264 codec in 'Quicktime mov' mode at 15fps with a native size of 192 x 144 with AAC mono at 22khz. While this is far from HD, it is fully adequate for conveying information of the kind normally expected to be posted to a social media site.

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